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the Development of Apnea

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AIDA 2 Star Open Water Freediver Freediving

Course Purpose

This 2.5 day course is the foundation course in freediving for participants who are already confident and happy in the water but want to learn the skiils to safely hold their breath longer, dive deeper and safely.


Must be a minimum of 18 years old (or 16 years with parent or guardian consent) and capable of swimming at least 200 metres non-stop without fins and at least 300 metres non-stop with mask, fins and snorkel.

Completed AIDA Medical and Liability Release Forms.

Main Objectives


1. Correct breathing techniques in preparation for a breath hold.

2. Breath holds (static apnea) in pool.

3. Correct recovery breaths after a breath hold.

4. .Correct finning technique and body positioning.

5. Safety techniques in the pool and ocean.

5. Correct underwater swimming horizonally (dynamic apean) in a pool with a buddy.

6. Rescue procedures in the pool and ocean.

7. Correct weighting in the pool and ocean.

8. Effective duck dives.

9. Vertical diving to depths on a fixed line by pulling (Free Immersion) and diving down a line (Constant Weight).

10. Equalising at depths.


2.5 days consisting of minimum of 4hrs of theory in a classroom. pool sessions and open water sessions. Unless otherwise specified the course commences on a Friday evening starting at 6pm in the classroom, all day Saturday in a pool with some theory to break it up and starting early on the Sunday out on the ocean diving (typically about 4 hours in the water!).


Classroom; pool and ocean.



Please note that the AIDA International certification card is included in this price and is valued at $35.