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AIDA 3 Star Intermediate Freediver Freediving

Course Purpose

This 3 day course builds upon the skills learnt in the AIDA 2 Star course. As such it is designed to build higher level knowledge and skills to enable the freediver to confidently plan and freedive with similarly experienced buddies.


Must be a minimum of 18 years old (or 16 years with parent or guardian consent).

Completed the AIDA 2 Star Freediving course or eqivalent.

Completed AIDA Medical and Liability Release Forms.

Main Objectives


1. Exising preparation breathing, breath holds and recovery breaths from AIDA 2 Star course.

2. Design and application of Static Apnea and Dynamic Apnea training tables.

3. Appropriate rescue techniques for a buddy experienceing loss of motor control or black out during Static Apnea, Dynamic Apnea and Constant Weight Dives.

4. Static Apnea minimum of 2 minutes 45 seconds with appropriate preparation and recovery breaths safely wtih a buddy.

5. Dynamic Apnea minimum of 55 metres with appropriate preparation and recovery breaths and body/finning technique safely wtih a buddy.

6. Constant Weight dives safely and with a buddy from 24 to 30 metres.

7. Free falling (i.e., allowing water pressure to push the body deeper) following a line during open water sessions.

8. Frenzel equalisation technique.

9. Effective buddying of a freediver in the pool and ocean at varying depths.

10. Rescuing a freediver who loses conssciousness at 10 metres and bringing to the surface

11. Appropriate rescue technique of a diver that loses consciousness at the surface.

12. Self-rescue from a depth of 15 metres using the arms only as if suffering a leg cramp.

13. Simulated loss of mask at 10 metres and ascent to surface (with mask in hand).

14. Tow an innert freediver a minimum of 50 metres to shore or boat.


3 days consisting of minimum of 6hrs of theory in a classroom. pool sessions and open water sessions. Unless otherwise specified the course commences on a Thursday evening starting at 6.30pm in the classroom, Friday evening in the classroom, all day Saturday in a pool with some theory to break it up and starting early on the Sunday out on the ocean diving (typically about 4 to 6 hours in the water depending on student numbers).


Classroom; pool and ocean.



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