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Fun Freediving Days

Course Purpose

This is a fun day in the ocean to allow freedivers to practice freediving.


1. Must be a minimum of 18 years old (or 16 years with parent or guardian consent) 2. Must have completed an AIDA 2 Star course or equivalent from an internationally recognised freediving agency.

3. You must be able to present proof of your certification.

4. Completed AIDA Medical and Liability Release Forms.

This is a fun day out on the boat practicing the AIDA freediving discplines of free immersion, constant weight, and variable weight. This is chance for participants to put their training into practice with a greater focus on not only technique such as finning and equalisation but total mental and physical relaxation! For more advanced participants it is an opporuntity to practice "FEV" training and "mouth-fill techniques". Depending on the location and season it might also be possible to dive on a reef and see more underwater life. Prerequistie is completion of an AIDA 2 Star freediving course or higher or the equivalent from another appropriate international certification organisation. Please present your freediving certification card on the day. Cost is $95. Please note for safety reasons we do not allow freedivers to dive more than 4 metres beyond their certification level or the maximum depth they have dived in an AIDA International competition.