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Buddy up is one of the core safety principles of freediving. That is, you do not go freediving unless you have a buddy to watch over you whether in the ocean or the pool. This is one of the advantages of doing a freediving course with us as you get the chance to meet fellow freedivers to train with whether on one of our courses, fun freediving days or pool evenings. A good introduction to freediving is the AIDA 1 Star Discovering Freediving course at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre or Wavebreak Island. This is a great opportunity to find a buddy for all your freediving adventures.

Once you are a certified freediver from AIDA or another internationally recognised freediving agency you are welcome to join us and buddy up on one of our training evenings at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre. There is no charge for certifed freedivers.

The Gold Coast Aquatic Centre is an excellent training facility with state of the art facilities including a heated pool that is 33 metres long and with a depth of 5 metres. Casual entry fee is $5.70 for an adult or $4.00 for a full-time student. A 20 visit pass is $110 for an adult and $76 for a full-time student. For an unlimited entry one year membership it is $732 for an adult and $489 for a full-time student.

The Gold Coast Aquatic Centre is the location for all the pool based components of AIDA courses on the Gold Coast .