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Our goal is simple – to teach you how to hold your breath longer, safely and calmly! How you apply this skill is up to you but it will improve your experiences of the following: snorkelling longer underwater or deeper for fun, freediving competitions, spearfishing, underwater hockey, surfing, or even challenging yourself to overcome personal limitations and fears. Freediving training has the capacity to extend your limits and achieve a sense of inner calmness, and peace that can provide a sense of balance in our 21st century stressful lives.

It starts with awakening the mammalian dive response that lies dormant within us all.

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Therefore, we believe the real value of freediving far exceeds the simple act of holding your breath. We believe it is one of the few activities of man that teaches genuine mental training through increased bodily awareness of breath, tension, movement, and control of thoughts, This elevates freediving as a mind-body discipline that has implications for not only effortless breath holding and diving but leading a happier life! This is what we endeavour to teach to all students through our unique background in sport psychology.

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Everyone has the capacity to substantially hold their breaths longer with the right training and practice.

Upcoming events:

8th December 2017

8th December 2017

10th December 2017

22nd December 2017

Ocean Freediver (AIDA 2 Freediver from Friday 8/12/17 7 to 10pm; Saturday 9/12/17 9 to 4pm; & Sunday 10/12/17 8am to 1pm. Cost is $495.

Intro Freediver (AIDA 2 Pool Freediver) on Friday 8/12/17 7 to 10pm and 9/12/17 9 to 4pm for $195 including certification.

Ocean Fun Day on 10/12/17 for all certified freedivers 3kms off the Gold Coast in our specialised freedive boat for $95.

Ocean Freediver (AIDA 2 Freediver) from Friday 22/12/17 7 to 10pm; Saturday 23/12/17 9 to 4pm; & Sunday 24/12/17 8am to 1pm. Cost is $495.


3rd March 2017

Open Water Freediver (AIDA 2 Star) over 2.5 days from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th for $495. Take your freediving to the next level.